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Upcoming Opportunities

Maple Science

Every year when the sap starts flowing, we head out to the sugarbush and collect data aimed at determining overall health of the maple trees we utilize to make our syrup.

Come do some cold weather hiking and practice good data taking techniques!

Upcoming Dates

  • Sunday, January 21st from 10a-12p

  • Sunday, January 28th from 10a-12p

  • Sunday, February 4th from 10a-12p

  • Sunday, February 11th from 10a-12p

  • Wednesday, January 24th from 4:30-6p

  • Wednesday, January 31st from 4:30-6p

  • Wednesday, February 7th from 4:30-6p

Willow Work

A prominent feature in our Nature Playscape is the Willow Tree Tunnel. Each year we maintenance this tunnel and work to expand and build upon what’s already there.

Come learn about living structures and help grow living walls, chairs, and domes!

Upcoming Dates

  • Sunday, February 18th from 10a-12p

  • Sunday, February 25th from 10a-12p

  • Wednesday, February 14th from 4:30-6p

  • Wednesday, February 21st from 4:30-6p

  • Wednesday, February 28th from 4:30-6p

Seasonal Breakdown of Opportunities

The youth volunteer program adapts to the changing needs of Cincinnati Nature Center. Check out the seasonal breakdown of opportunities through the year. 

Important information to note: 

  • These opportunities take place outdoors, and off-trail, so sturdy footwear and weather appropriate clothing are strongly recommended! 

  • If your environmental or biology club members would like to attend together as a group, please contact We’re happy to add an additional group if staff and space are available. 

If you have any questions, contact Youth Volunteer Coordinator, Jeremy Garlock, at

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