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Youth Volunteer Seasonal Breakdown




  • Willow Work: The willow tunnel in our Nature Playscape is maintained 100% by volunteers. Come build and maintenance this living structure!

  • Maple Science: Help measure the health of the maple trees used to make syrup at Cincinnati Nature Center! Take scientific data including the age of the trees and the sugar content of their sap.

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  • Leaders-in-Training: Join in on the fun of CincyNature Camps! Volunteering as an LIT is a great way to learn about the natural world, develop key leadership skills, and become a positive role model for the youngest generation of nature lovers.

  • Habitat Restoration: Fight against non-native species by learning how to identify and remove the plants causing our woods the most trouble. While this opportunity occurs year-round, summer is where the bulk of the work takes place. 




  • Garlic Mustard Days: April and May is garlic mustard season. Come learn about and taste this edible non-native species.

  • Spring Cleaning: Odd tasks are the name of the game. If a trail or area needs to be spruced up before the warmer weather comes, we're there to lend a hand.




  • High School Service Days: In the fall, schools and clubs are always looking to have a day of service, so I try to have a few projects on hand around this time of year to serve multiple schools. If your high school or environmental club is interested in having a day of service, please contact us at to schedule a service day!

  • Aphid Study: A tiny fuzzy sap sucking insect called the woolly aphid captures our attention this time of year. Help contribute to studying how the woolly aphid effects tree sapling growth beneath beech trees.  

Ongoing Volunteering


  • Herbarium Project: Help build a herbarium for research purposes at Cincinnati Nature Center. An herbarium is a physical collection of dried plants found in a specific area. We will learn how to collect, press, dry, and mount a variety of plant species.

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