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10:00am - Welcome and Introductions

10:15am - Student presentation: Maya (Topic: Changemaker Projects and Impact Course)

10:30am - DeVere Burt, Wildlife Artist and Director Emeritus of the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science

11:15am - Student presentation: Ava, Tierney, Hannah, and Liza (Topic: Woodland Restoration Project)

11:30am - Student presentation: Margaret, Amos, Emmy (Topic: Conservation Podcasting)

11:45am - Julie Vanassche, Sanctuary Director at the Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary in Liberia

12:15pm - Break + Bug Chicks, Entomologists and Educators


12:45pm - Brandon Reynolds, Founder of B the Keeper


1:30pm - Student presentation: Memrie (Topic: Fungi and Plastics)

1:45pm - Break

2:00pm - Lindsey Casella, Senior Marketing and E-Commerce Manager, Loop/Terracycle

2:30pm - Student presentation: Vishva (Topic: Raptor Conservation)

2:45pm - Student presentation: Emmie and Evia (Topic: Bottlecaps to Benches)

3:00pm - Conclusion

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