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Wetlands Monitoring


Conservation Work - Wetlands

On the northwest side of the Rowe Woods property, way off the beaten path, there is a wetland that was built because a nearby company developed on an existing wetland. This wetland was built years ago and was meant to replace the original one. The question we will be exploring is how well the constructed wetland has taken on authentic wetland properties and more importantly, which wetland organisms it supports. On Fridays in April from 4:30-6:00pm we will be heading down to the wetland to look and listen for what critters are roaming around.


This opportunity is specifically for volunteers ages 13-18. If you are a current volunteer, sign up using the link below. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer fill out the application below and you'll be able to sign up through the application.


Important information to note: 

  • Our Covid protocols require no more than 10 students in a group so spaces for each date are limited.  

  • Face masks must be worn by staff and volunteers at all times. 

  • These opportunities take place outdoors, and off-trail, so sturdy footwear and weather appropriate clothing are strongly recommended! 

  • If your environmental or biology club members would like to attend together as a group, please contact me. We’re happy to add an additional group if staff and space are available. 

If you have any issues with the application or signing into Volgistics, contact Jeremy Garlock at


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