Next in Nature Volunteers


Throughout the year, Cincinnati Nature Center hosts volunteer days for local youth and high school students. We adapt to the changing needs of Cincinnati Nature Center and take on various tasks at our Rowe Woods and Long Branch Farm & Trails locations. 

When maple season arrives, we are there to help collect data on the trees in our sugarbush and in early spring we begin sprucing up the grounds for the coming summer. No matter what, we always try to have a laugh or two. Bring your best worst jokes and join this highly valued crew on its next adventure. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, fill out our volunteer application!

22022 Volunteer Roadmap




  • Light in the Forest: Light in the Forest is a lightshow on a 1-mile trail through the woods. Youth volunteers traditionally help as parking or zone stewards.

  • Maple Science: Help measure the health of the maple trees used to make syrup at Cincinnati Nature Center! This year, you can be eligible to help with maple programming if you attend data collection sessions.

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  • Leaders-in-Training: Join in on the fun of CincyNature Camps! Volunteering as an LIT is a great way to learn about the natural world, develop key leadership skills, and become a positive role model for the youngest generation of nature lovers.

  • Trail Team: Trail Team volunteers will be trained in customer service and interpretation techniques to engage with guests on the trails.




  • Habitat Restoration: Fight against invasive species by learning how to identify and remove the plants causing our woods the most trouble.

  • Spring Cleaning Days: Tackle a variety of landscaping tasks that prepare our grounds for warmer days and more guests.




  • Habitat Restoration

  • Invasive Species Survey: Throughout the year the Next in Nature volunteer program will host training sessions on how to ID and collect data on invasive species but we will ramp up heavily in the fall. This data helps our conservation team focus efforts where it is needed most.

Ongoing Informal Volunteering


  • Invasive Species Survey

  • Herbarium Project: Help build a herbarium for research purposes at Cincinnati Nature Center. We will learn how to collect, press, and mount a variety of plant species.

Group Volunteering

If you are a member or leader of a youth group or high school club, and would like to either volunteer or plan a hike with the Nature Center, feel free to reach out to Jeremy Garlock, the Teen Program Coordinator at Let's discuss how the Nature Center can best help you!