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Recorded Sessions from the

2020 Youth Conservation Summit

The Bug Chicks kick off the Summit and talk about their career paths and love for insects.

Corina Newsome presents her keynote talk, “From the Block, to the Zoo, to the Marsh: The Unexpected Adventure of a Black City Girl."

Youth moderator Holly introduces her pigeons and talks to Lights Out Cincinnati about their initiatives to protect migrating birds.

The Bug Chicks introduce millipedes Bumble and Pumpkin, and take a closer look at them through the microscope!

Hear from people working in the conservation field about their career paths and ways to get where you want to go.

What conservation problems would you like to change, improve, or even solve? Hear about issues that your peers are passionate about, including fast fashion, plastic microfibers and native plants.

Once you’ve identified a conservation issue that you’re interested in, how do you gather support, get the message out, or find funding? Learn from people who’ve made things happen in their communities.

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