2020 Youth Conservation Summit

Keynote Speakers

Corina Newsome

Presenting “From the Block, to the Zoo, to the Marsh: The Unexpected Adventure of a Black City Girl” 

Corina Newsome is the Community Engagement Manager at Georgia Audubon and a Master's student in biology at Georgia Southern University. Corina, who began in the field of wildlife conservation as a zookeeper, currently conducts research to conserve the MacGillivray's Seaside Sparrow and connects people to birds around Georgia. Having experienced the hurdles faced by people of color interested in wildlife careers, she has founded several programs to encourage high school students from underrepresented demographics to consider careers in wildlife sciences. Corina’s mission is to eliminate the systemic barriers that have prevented people of color from participating in wildlife conservation and exploration of the great outdoors.



The Bug Chicks

Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker are The Bug Chicks, entomologists and professional educators who inspire people of all ages to find their inner bugdork! Connecting the science of entomology with social-emotional learning, they use bugs to help people open their minds, break down prejudices and feel empowered in their lives.



Recorded Sessions from the

2020 Youth Conservation Summit

The Bug Chicks kick off the Summit and talk about their career paths and love for insects.

Corina Newsome presents her keynote talk, “From the Block, to the Zoo, to the Marsh: The Unexpected Adventure of a Black City Girl."

Youth moderator Holly introduces her pigeons and talks to Lights Out Cincinnati about their initiatives to protect migrating birds.

The Bug Chicks introduce millipedes Bumble and Pumpkin, and take a closer look at them through the microscope!

Hear from people working in the conservation field about their career paths and ways to get where you want to go.

What conservation problems would you like to change, improve, or even solve? Hear about issues that your peers are passionate about, including fast fashion, plastic microfibers and native plants.

Once you’ve identified a conservation issue that you’re interested in, how do you gather support, get the message out, or find funding? Learn from people who’ve made things happen in their communities.

Youth Planning Committee

Caitlin Black

I cannot wait to be a part of the Conservation Summit because it is such an amazing opportunity that combines so many of the things that I love! I'm so excited to connect with other kids like me, share what conservation means in my life, and see how it plays a part in theirs. I hope to see you there!

Pierce Bruner

I am excited to be participating in the Youth Conservation Summit because it's not every day that teens have the opportunity to collaborate and voice our thoughts and concerns about environmental issues. This Summit is an important first step for today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders in conserving our natural world. Don't miss it!

Holly Erickson

I look forward to this upcoming summit, and I enjoyed helping to put it together because I love nature and sharing about how amazing it is with others!  I believe that opportunities like this carry great importance in that we, this upcoming generation, must work to make a difference and become leaders.  Before anyone becomes a leader, they must learn and gather information to pass on to others, and that is why raising awareness about conservation in teens carries such weight.  We're tomorrow's leaders, and if you don't make a change, who will?

Emily Schwartz

I am participating in this Conservation Summit because I love everything nature! We have the power to make a difference and this is a stepping stone. I can’t wait to meet and collaborate with others who share in this interest!

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